How to pay your traffic fines using Cellphone Banking from FNB

Step 1:

Dial the following dial string *120*321#
You will be requested to enter your 5 digit MOPIN number
and confirm

Step 2:

Once confirmed the Main Menu screen seen below will appear.
Select the Banking option to proceed

Step 3:

Select the payments option from the
Banking menu

Step 4:

Select the Traffic Fines option on screen

Step 5:

The screen below will prompt you to enter the reference number of your Traffic fine.
Please ensure that the reference number you have entered excludes any special characters such as /. e.g.

H7/36674/200/073725 (wrong)

H7336674200073725 (correct)

Step 6:

Select the account from which you would like to pay from, if you have more than one account on your profile



Step 7:

A confirmation screen will appear for you to confirm the reference number, amount of the Traffic Fine, vehicle registration number and the account you would like the payment to be
made from : if satisfied with information select confirm.


Step 8:

A transaction success screen is displayed if the payment was successful


Step 9:

A SMS message will be sent to your Cellphone confirming your payment




* You can pay your traffic fine by dialling *120*321# for the menu-based option or access the WAP option by on your cellphone browser